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"A kayaker's paradise", is not an idle claim when it comes to the Gulf Islands. They really ARE the stuff kayaker's dreams are made of: clear, sheltered waters, lots of nooks and crannies to explore, nature reserves, parks, and perfect campsites for kayakers alone, away from the busy anchorages and miles from roads, if they exist at all. 

Choose from the dozen large islands, or the hundreds of islets that lie in these magic 35 kilometers between Victoria and Nanaimo, tucked close to Vancouver Island on one side and the Gulf Of Georgia on the other. You would never run out of new places to discover.

Gulf islands like Wallace, Portland, D'Arcy, Rum, Sidney Spit, Galiano's incomparable Dionisio Point, and DeCourcy and Saturna all feature special rewards for the weary paddler, often the choicest spots in beautiful surroundings.

Wildlife is attracted to these special waters too, and kayakers may be able to spot dolphins, sea lions, killer whales and lively seals, especially athletic during mating season! Outfits on many of the islands offer equipment, rentals, classes, guided trips and advice, as well as pick ups and deliveries, and the hospitable Gulf Islands always have options to help you get around if you want to do some dry land sightseeing.

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